Review: Fred Olsen’s Black Watch by: Louise Goldsbury

A quick glance at the prices onboard the 800-passenger Black Watch gives a clear indication of the difference between this British line and others. A pint of beer is £3.10 ($4.70) or £2.75 ($4.20) for a Heineken. The daily special (a can of Tiger) is £2.20 ($3.30). Cocktails are a crazy £4 each ($6). A bottle of duty-free Johnnie Walker (Red Label) is £14.30 ($21). Speciality coffees range from £1.50 ($2.30) for an espresso to £1.95 ($2.95) for a cappuccino. Even the day spa is reasonable, with prices similar to land-based salons in Australia. Massages and facials are about half the price of other ...
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