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Wed 15 Feb 17

SEADREAM your way into French Riviera

SEADREAM Yacht Club’s boutique SeaDream II will this April sail the entire western Mediterranean coast from one of the oldest cities in the world, Malaga in Spain’s south, to the pulsating little principality of Monaco in the Mediterranean’s far north.

Mon 26 Sep 16

SeaDream’s raw deal to dodge weight

NOT many return home from a cruise without feeling the guilts as to just how many kilos they’ve piled on in a week or so of in-excess dining – unless that time’s been spent enjoying one of the more unusual optional and specifically healthy menus aboard the mega motor-cruisers of SeaDream Yacht Club.

Mon 16 May 16

More Aussies ‘SeaDreaming’ the Caribbean

SEADREAM Yacht Club is enjoying growing interest amongst Australians in its annual Caribbean seasons from November to April, believing much of it can be put down to new and speedier non-stop flights from Sydney to Dallas Fort Worth, and from there non-stop direct into San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Wed 17 Feb 16

SeaDream opens 2017 bookings with new ports in Mediterranean and Caribbean

SEADREAM Yacht Club has released 80 exciting new itinerary options in the Mediterranean and Caribbean in 2017, many with new ports not previously visited and too small for larger cruise ships to access.

Fri 29 Jan 16

Seadream drops Istanbul

SEADREAM Yacht Club has rescheduled its four Istanbul sailings of SeaDream I and SeaDream II for 2016 because of current unrest in that area.

Thu 03 Dec 15

SeaDream your way a whole ten days from Rome to Venice

IF the Mediterranean seems a long way to go for a 7-day holiday at sea, in July of next year SeaDream Yacht Club has a whole 10-days from Rome’s port of Civitavecchia to Venice that uniquely includes overnights in Italy’s Amalfi and its famed UNESCO-awarded coast, the walled city of Kotor in Montenegro, and both Dubrovnik (“The Pearl of the Adriatic”) and the fortress island Hvar in Croatia.

Wed 11 Nov 15

Seadream’s unique sail into Greece and Albania

A whole 9-days indulging the luxury lifestyle of world-leading mega motor-cruiser SeaDream II in June of next year, will embrace a half-dozen Greek ports and islands renowned for their archaeological treasures including sites for some of the earliest Olympic Games, historic Byzantine period ruins, and tiny little-known tourist gems in the renowned Cyclades Islands.

Wed 07 Oct 15

Think two weeks on SeaDream to begin Mediterranean summer

SeaDream Yacht Club is kicking off next year’s Mediterranean Summer with an exceptionally priced 7-days aboard its boutique SeaDream II from Rome to Athens, and with the opportunity to stay aboard for a second week at an even more-tempting price to visit some of the smaller and most historically fascinating ports in Greece and Albania.

Wed 23 Sep 15

Go on, play a round on SeaDream

Golf buffs need not fear they’ll miss out on their weekly round or two when deciding on a getaway aboard boutique mega motor-cruisers SeaDream I or SeaDream II in the Mediterranean in 2016 – over a dozen sailings from May to October will include the chance to play some of the most famous courses in a broad sweep of ports along the coasts of Italy, France, Monaco, Spain and Portugal.

Fri 18 Sep 15

SeaDream through Mediterranean’s most intimate ports in 2016

SeaDream Yacht Club’s luxury mega motor-cruisers SeaDream I and SeaDream II will prove just how aptly named they are when they sail to ports in the Mediterranean in 2016 that are so small, secluded and inaccessible to larger vessels, that they truly are to dream about… In all, the boutique “twins” will offer over forty itineraries between May and October next year in an ambience akin to holidaying on your own luxury yacht, with each having just 56 staterooms for a maximum 112 guests served by 95 crew.

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