Porthole 20 Jun 17

Tuesday 20th June 2017

COPENHAGEN’S iconic Little Mermaid statue – a must see for any cruise visitor to the Danish capital – has been covered in blue and white paint, with the famous sea creature once again a magnet for dissent.

Authorities are working hard to rectify the ugly blemish (below) which has happened just a few weeks after the mermaid was splattered in red paint in a previous protest against whaling in the Faroe Islands.

This time the blue and white paint was accompanied by a cryptic message “Befri Abdulle” or “Free Abdulle” – believed to refer to an inmate of a Danish psychiatric hospital.

Other previous attacks on the statue have seen it decapitated and also limbs removed, with local mayor suggesting he may install a new CCTV system to catch future perpetrators.

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